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Things to do in Florissant, Missouri

Florissant MO has a population of 51,443 and is the 13th largest city in Missouri. It boasts of vibrant museums, parks, and cutting edge modern charm. Start your adventure by visiting the Gateway Arch which rises 630 feet into the air. The undisputed icon was built in the early 60s and is certainly the most eye-catching monuments in the United States. Also, there are dozens of galleries that give a brief history of the west. Get a ride to the top and enjoy the incredible aerial views.

If you’re a nature lover, take a tour at the Forest Park. The 1300 acres of land encompasses everything from pretty woodland walks to verdant hills. Visitors can have a picnic, hit the hiking trails, and enjoy ice skating. Besides that, there is a zoo, golf courses, and museums inside its borders. Another great place for nature enthusiasts is The Saint Louis Zoo. You’ll find a wide assortment of animals including penguins, turtles, swans, sloths, armadillos, tarantulas, and gators. It also houses mammals like lions, bears, and tigers. There’s no doubt this is one of the city’s top attractions. Wildlife seekers and animal lovers will have a real treat here.

Explore the City Museum in downtown Missouri. It has a surrealistic pavilion, funhouse, architectural marvel, and children’s playground. The attractions include enchanted caves, exhibits with funnels, and Toddlers town. This museum appeals to children of all ages and is worthy of multiple visits. If you love art, you should spare some time and tour the Saint Louis Art Museum. It has more than 34,000 works of art. Most pieces come from Asia, Egypt, and Europe. You’ll also find a mix of photographs, paintings, textiles, and sculptures.

The kids will have a good time at Missouri Botanical Garden. It features the spelunker’s slide, limestone cave, a steamboat, and a Treehouse. And the sights aren’t shabby either. Visitors love to feed the Koi fish as they admire the glass sculptures. For more than 150 years, this garden has been leading the way for American Horticulturalists. Florissant MO is a vibrant city with plenty of food, beer, and rich music scene.

Asphalt Paving for Florissant MO area church

CSR Asphalt Paving and Concrete knows how to do parking lot paving and milling inside and out. Because of this, we had the opportunity to take on a parking lot milling project for a church in the Florissant MO area.

The customer wanted the existing parking lot to be completely ripped out and replaced (all the way down to the base layer then have new pavement added in). They asked their property management company who they should call, who directed them to us. We chatted on the phone about their desire and scheduled a quick consult later that day. We decided that it was something we could tackle in two days and scheduled the job for the end of the week.

We arrived on a Thursday and started out by roto-milling the entire parking lot down to sub grade. Once it was milled, we found some soft spots in the sub-grade and upon further inspection, we found those areas were lower than the rest of the parking lot. So we added in some additional gravel to make sure those areas were at proper grade. We then proof rolled the rock and paved with asphalt.

Then on Friday, we stripped and sealed the parking lot. Next our crew sectioned off the parking lot to ensure that traffic could not get in. We finished the parking lot milling job before the end of the week and prior to the busy weekend of church activities. The client was very pleased with not only this but the fact that our crew was able to complete the job so quickly and with quality work. The church members were also very impressed that weekend with their new parking lot!

Florissant Parking lot asphalt milling and overlay project

CSR Construction Inc has been providing asphalt paving and concrete services since 1980. Based in Godfrey, IL, we’ve become the leading family-owned asphalt contractor in the greater St. Louis area for nearly 40 years. CSR Asphalt Paving has the knowledge and expertise to oversee a commercial or residential paving project of any size.

One of our past customers in Florissant, MO recently reached out to us to complete another project for them. The commercial property owner wanted us to take a look at a parking lot in disrepair. Having worked with this customer before, we assured them that we could successfully complete this paving on time and under budget.

Arriving on the job site, we found that the parking lot of 18+ years was in need of a complete overhaul. The pavement was showing signs of deterioration with a lot of alligator cracking and the parking lot had also been sealed multiple times over the years. We notified the customer that we would need to mill the asphalt and then overlay new asphalt in order to get the parking lot back to 100% effectiveness.

Once the customer agreed to the estimate, we began the project and quickly restored the parking lot back to new again. Our customer was extremely pleased with the project and stating that “the parking lot looks great and the process is always easy working with CSR Construction Inc.”

Asphalt Crack Filling and Parking Lot Maintenance project in Florissant, MO

We had a new client in Florissant reach out to us who owned an industrial park in need of parking lot maintenance, crack filling and pot hole repair in particular. It had rained the night before we arrived on site to estimate the work and in although we noticed multiple pot holes in need of repair, there were also some parking lot drainage issues. Water was pooling up in a few spots within the parking lot and we notified the business owner that water will continue to break down his parking lot.

Our solutions were to survey the asphalt parking lot surface, identify the area affected by the drainage issues and water pooling within the parking lot. After identifying the area affected, we performed asphalt milling to remove the top surface of the asphalt so that we could perform a parking lot asphalt overlay. The business owner was pleased that we were able to not only the crack filling and pot hole repair but that we were able to extend the life of his asphalt parking lot by addressing the drainage issues.