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The search for quality asphalt and paving services in the Hazelwood, MO area ends with CSR Construction, your local family-owned contractors. Our expert paving contractors have been working with concrete paving and commercial asphalt paving for over thirty years, so we have the experience and know-how to protect your Hazelwood property whether it’s residential or commercial. We can resurface roads with asphalt milling or pour a brand new tennis court to meet your paving needs.

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  • We’ve got over 30 years experience with concrete paving and asphalt paving services.
  • Our contractors are fully bonded and licensed to create high quality paving in greater St. Louis area
  • We’re trustworthy and reliable in all our asphalt paving and our  customers couldn’t be more satisfied.

Explore Hazelwood, MO

The Florissant Valley area where Hazelwood is located has a long and rich history dating back to the fourth century BC with a large settlement of the indigenous Mississippian culture. Before the arrival of French settlers, the area was home to many different Native American tribes over the years, including the Sioux, Miami, Osage, and Iroquois. Nestled in a bend of the Missouri River, Hazelwood is uniquely situated for water and land transport, as waves of settlers found. First settled by the French, Spanish settlers followed, and then American settlers from areas southeast of Missouri stayed on their trip into the West.

In the mid-twentieth century, more industry and business moved into the largely rural Hazelwood area, and the nearby town of Florissant actually tried to annex Hazelwood! The local farmers didn’t like this at all, of course, and fought hard to keep their town. Meeting in the schoolhouse, the locals then created the Village of Hazelwood. The growth has continued since then, and in modern times, the town is one of the largest in Saint Louis County with over 25,000 residents. Several Fortune 500 companies have headquarters in Hazelwood, MO, as well as tons of local businesses.

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Hazelwood, Missouri, you’ve got lots of options from natural attractions to high-end shopping. The Boeing aerospace company is one of the largest corporations with locations in the city, and their Boeing store is a must see for airplane enthusiasts. For a variety of shops and great deals, you can visit the St. Louis Outlet Mall or enjoy local food at Hazelwood’s many restaurants. There’s even a local water park to enjoy in the warmer months, as well as lots of water activities on the Missouri River.

Parking lot sealing and striping in Hazelwood, MO

A property manager from a local warehouse in Hazelwood contacted the paving experts at CSR Construction Inc with some serious problems with a parking lot outside their shipping and receiving center. Not only was there damage, but the stripes had been worn away by heavy daily commercial traffic. No stripes in a shipping warehouse parking lot is a dangerous situation!

The concrete & asphalt experts flew into action surveying the site and working up a contract that stayed within budget and considered the client’s hectic delivery schedule. First they painted on new stripes in a process called asphalt striping, and then coated the entire parking lot in a special coating that sealed in the stripes and prevented further damage.

The property manager was very pleased with all the work the contractors at CSR Construction did for her Hazelwood client. The way they accommodated their shipping schedule was perfect, and their new parking lot is so much safer. If your business is facing some parking lot problems, you know to contact us for an estimate on great paving work.

As a Hazelwood, MO paving contractor since 1980, CSR Construction Inc is a company dedicated to providing local folks with the highest quality paving. Our experience in the greater St Louis area means we know what locals need. No job is too big or too small, from paving a new homeowner’s driveway to resurfacing a large commercial parking lot. We know our customers keep us in business, so we’re dedicated to making their projects the absolute best.