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CSR Construction, a family owned asphalt contractor, has been serving the St Charles, Missouri area since 1980, making us the local experts in paving, asphalt, and concrete services. Whether you need a local road resurfaced or a driveway repaved, our bonded and certified company can meet your needs.

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  • Our experience spans 30 years and includes a variety of commercial paving specialties.
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Explore Saint Charles, MO

As the third oldest city in the state of Missouri, Saint Charles has a long and rich history. First it was settled by the French and named “Les Petites Côtes,” or the little hills, for the natural beauty of the site. The French influence remained and can be seen today in many place names, as well as famous landmarks like the Shrine of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne. A large influx of German settlers joined the French in the early nineteenth century because of a famous travelogue published in Germany, and the St Charles area started an expansion that continues to this day.

In 1821, Missouri was added to the United States with the Louisiana Purchase, and the area became a very important stop for settlers moving into western states because of the proximity of the St. Louis River. Even famous explorers Lewis and Clark called St Charles, MO the last civilized stop on the westward route. Travel and exploration continued to be important in the region, and Saint Charles is one of the first cities to create an interstate roadway in the 1950s. Visitors can see a historic marker commemorating this on Interstate Highway 70.

The St. Charles, MO area has a lot of activities to offer both visitors and residents, starting with the famous Shrine of Saint Rose, which is a museum and historical site. The Saint Charles Historical District has lots of other sites, including the First Missouri State Capitol Building as well as many other historical buildings that house museums, cafes, gift shops, and activity centers. Lewis and Clark left their mark with several nature preserves and hiking trails to explore, including the Weldon Springs Clark Park. The St Louis River also provides a ton of fun water activities, and visitors can also enjoy modern shopping and dining experiences.

Asphalt paving maintenance project for multi-location commercial business in St Charles.

We received a call from a new client in St Charles who was looking for a reputable asphalt paving company to provide Parking Lot Maintenance to multiple locations.  We were able to meet the business owner the very next day to evaluate the work. There were multiple pot holes and the parking lots had not been seal coated for a number of years.  Since we had crews and equipment already in the area we were able to get to asphalt maintenance completed right away and even had the line stripping complete within just a few days.  The business owner was very pleased with our work!