Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Are you a do it yourselfer? Do you hate those labor intensive, costly home projects like retaining walls or concrete work? Here at CSR Asphalt Paving and Concrete we have you covered. If you look out your window and your yard in spilling out onto your broken asphalt driveway, give CSR Asphalt Paving and Concrete a call. We will come assess your property and give you a great deal on a new retaining wall. Rainy season is coming quickly, and with that you may find your retaining walls in danger of failure. There are many reasons a retaining wall may fail and it seems that it happens more frequently during the winter to spring transition.

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Here are just a few reasons your walls may fail:

  • Poor Drainage – When your existing retaining walls are installed, drainage issues may have been overlooked. This can, and most definitely will, lead to headaches in the future. If drainage is not addressed, the soil weight may be too great for the retaining walls to bear causing imminent failure.
  • Substandard Materials – If the retaining walls are installed using cheap mortar and concrete, or even slip shod installation techniques, your retaining walls will suffer from structural issues.

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  • Inadequate Footing – No matter how strong your retaining walls may be, shallow footing will result in the eventual failure of all retaining walls. Retaining walls with shallow footing will be less capable of supporting the load. It is recommended that the footing be lower than the dot line to prevent this issue.
  • Extra Load – Even the slightest change in the size of the load retaining walls are installed to bear, such as parking your family car on top of it, will result in the retaining walls being structurally compromised. To avoid this, always account for the size of the load retaining walls will have to bear to prevent a blowout situation.
  • Sloop Failure – Sometimes even the best-laid retaining walls will fail due to slope failure. This happens when there is a sudden change in the sloop the retaining walls are installed to corral. Think of it like this. Your retaining walls are holding back tons of dirt. You decide that you want to redo the landscape in your yard but to accomplish it you will need to bring in some amended soil.

This will add extra weight, introduced suddenly, to the load bearing retaining walls. Inevitably this will result in structural failure. Repairing retaining walls can be extremely expensive. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, our recommendation to you is not to try this yourself.

If you make unknown mistakes while building your wall that you do not realize it until construction is completed, you will have to tear it out and start all over again causing your costs to double. We recommend you call CSR Asphalt Paving and Concrete and leave this project to the professionals. Our competent team will assess your property, and give you a clear and concise solution that will fit your property’s specific needs.

We will install your retaining walls as quickly as we possibly can, and we will make sure that you are blown away by our quality and standards of installation. Our professional teams will leave you with a quality, aesthetically appealing retaining wall that your neighbors will be amazed by.

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